J'ai la mémoire qui tourne

(My Memories on a Roll)
2009 | DOCUMENTARY SERIES | 46 minutes |

From the 1920s to the 1980s, thousands of Quebec fathers captured the happiest moments of their families’ lives with their Super 8 or 16 mm cameras. No one else was documenting it, no anthropologists, fiction filmmakers, and not even the NFB’s most seasoned documentarians. Quebec dads filmed our collective autobiography without realizing it.

These homes videos witnessed almost a century of our lives. They captured big events, but even more so, the history of our daily lives. Our intimate history. Not just our childhood, but the childhood of our parents and grandparents. Day-to-day happenings, from one decade to the next. The cultural ties that bind us, parents and friends. How we see the world.

The first season of J’ai la mémore qui tourne features seasonal rituals, some that have not changed and others that have disappeared. Season 2 shows the spectacular evolution of Quebecers in the 20th century in four themes, each revealing the true nature of Quebecois. These videos are their childhood, their daily life, their people and their history.

The story has been told a thousand times, in schools, in history books, in novels… and in documentaries as well, thanks to the selective cameras of certain filmmakers. But now, thanks to the father’s lens, we see yesterday’s Quebec like never before, as it really was.

La Ruelle holds one of the greatest collections of home video archives in Quebec. For this production, 20,000 home videos were transferred and digitized from all corners of Quebec and Canada. These images from 1920 to 1980 are a precious page in our collective history.

My Memories on a Roll Poster


  • Stéphane Archambault
  • Michel Barrette
  • Janette Bertrand
  • Roméo Bouchard
  • Rodger Brulotte
  • Clémence Desrochers
  • Jean-Pierre Ferland
  • Ron Fournier
  • Liza Frulla
  • Chantale Lamarre
  • Bernard Landry
  • Tex Lecor
  • Gaston Lepage
  • Renée Martel
  • Yves P.Pelletier
  • Mahée Paiement
  • Sophie Prégent
  • Gilles Proulx
  • Ginette Reno
  • Catherine Trudeau


  • Valérie Blais
  • Josée Blanchette
  • Isabelle Boulay
  • France Castel
  • Jean-Pierre Charbonneau
  • Marie Eykel
  • Louise Forestier
  • Jacques Godbout
  • Raymond Gravel
  • Isabelle Hudon
  • Marie Laberge
  • Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • Micheline Lanctôt
  • Jean Lapointe
  • Plume Latraverse
  • François Léveillée
  • Jean-François Lisée
  • Paolo Noël
  • Michel Rivard
  • Marcel Tessier
  • Daniel Turcotte
  • Robert Viau
  • Anne-Marie Withenshaw

The third season is dedicated to the real stars of J’ai la mémoire qui tourne, those who were devoted to home videos from the very beginning.

We set off to meet them in the four corners of Quebec



Guylaine Maroist

Eric Ruel

Original idea
Sylvain Cormier

Daniel Dupré
Oliver Granger
Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Bernard La Frenière

Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Research, script and narration writer
Sylvain Cormier

Daniel Dupré
Oliver Granger
Guylaine Maroist

Additional research
Carment Desmeules

Pierre-Alexis Jasmin
Marie-Michèle Tremblay

Exceptional collaboration
François Auger

Carmen Desmeules

Guylaine Maroist

Production coordination
Caroline Rouillard

Narration and actor
Marcel Sabourin

Director of photography
Jean-François Perreault

Location sound
Daniel Ferland

Étienne Bruyère

Sophie Cournoyer
Benoit Rouillard
Daniel Ruel

Martin Gagnon

Patrick Gazé
Maxime Claude l’Écuyer
Eric Ruel

Sound mix
Éric Tessier

Studio Harmonie

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