Disunited States of Canada

2012 | DOCUMENTARY | 84 minutes |

You think Quebecers are the only Canadians who aspire to independence? Wrong. Separatists are all over the country, from sea to sea. The word “separation” is the same in English and French. And it’s pronounced just as well with the accent of the British Columbia elite, rich Alberta cowboys, humble farmers of Saskatchewan and disillusioned fishermen of Newfoundland and Labrador. Although they are marginal, some western separatists have even founded their own political party.

The “anti-confederation” feeling is nothing new. In Disunited States of Canada, directors Guylaine Maroist, Michel Barbeau and Eric Ruel retrace the history of Canada viewed through the perspective of the Eastern and Western provinces. It is suprising to Quebecois and most Anglophone Canadians that “separatism” has been tormenting our vast country since its foundation in 1867. Out West, a very strong feeling of alienation has prevailed for 40 years, as they can’t support the “liberal” ideologies that have taken over Ottawa.

In this thought-provoking documentary that pulls no punches Guylaine Maroist meets with dedicated English Canadian Separatists, politicians, university professors and ordinary citizens who want to reshape Canada. These men and women, whom we never hear of in the media, express a general malaise from coast to coast and make us examine fundamental questions about our country. What is a country? What is a nation? And what about Quebec?

Disunited-States of Canada Poster



Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Scriptwriter and narration
Guylaine Maroist

Michel Barbeau
Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Narration writer
Sylvain Cormier
Guylaine Maroist

Sylvain Cormier
Daniel Dupré
Martin Goeffroy

Guylaine Maroist

Visual research
Marie-Michèle Tremblay

Director of photography
Eric Ruel

Additional directors of photography
Alain Bisson
Étienne Bruyère
Yanick Castonguay
Steeve Desrosiers
Alberto Feio
Jean-François Perreault


Location sound
Marcello Delambre
Daniel Ferland
Igal Petel
Eric Ruel
Art Young

Martin Gagnon
Eric Ruel

Sound editor
André Chaput
Martin Gagnon

Design and infographics
Michel Barbeau
Martin Gagnon

Sound editor (NFB)
Jean Paul Vialard

Valérie Palacio-Quintin
Kelly Ricard
Vanessa Nicolai

Isabelle Lacasse
Gilbert Lachance
Marc Legault
Pierre Paquette Kohl
Claude Préfontaine
Francis-William Rhéaume
Guy Richer

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