Les Wizz du showbizz

2009 | DOCUMENTARY SERIES : 10 EPISODES | 46 minutes |

The entertainment industry is made up of an army of talented yet unknown professionals. In the shadows, they give expert advice, create, style, direct, protect, compose and much more. Follow the engineer, manager, vocal coach, personal trainer, designer, composer, press agent and stylist as they propel your favourite singers to the highest peaks.

An original documentary series, Les Wizz du showbizz invites you to journey with our greatest professionals into the whirlwind of the music scene. In 10 episodes, you meet 20 professional whose names rhyme with success. It’s a VIP access experience into the glamorous world of show business to demystify the people working within it. Learn from their success stories, their expert tricks and tips, and discover which levers make artists rise to fame.

Both informative and entertaining, Les Wizz du showbizz finally lets us into the creative chain, from writing a song to making a platinum record.

Les Wizz du showbizz, série documentaire


Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Original idea
Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Érik Cimon
Mathieu Fontaine
Eric Ruel
Laura Turek

Alain E. Cadieux

Production assistant
Caroline Rouillard

Production director
Nathalie Guay

Lead researcher,
screenplay writer
and interviewer
Guylaine Maroist

Linda Lamarche
Marie-Michèle Tremblay

Artistic director/infographics
François Savard, Dickplywood Solutions

Director/coordinator – 
credits and transitions
Érik Cimon

Director of photography
Louis-Vincent Blaquière
Étienne Bruyère
Mario Calvé
Yannick Castonguay
Pierre-Frédérik Chénier
Jean-François Perreault
Joël Provencher

Location sound
Serge Bouvier
Clément Croteau
Simon Brien Daniel
Jonathan Dubuc
Louis Dupire
Pierre Duplessis
Marco Fania
Carl-André Hernandez
Louis Léger
Olivier Léger

Post production coordinator
Étienne Bruyère

Véronique Barbe
Julie Bouffard
David Di Francesco
Martin Chénier
Guillaume Fortin

Editing assistant
Sophie Cournoyer
Hugo Ritchot

Theme song
Carl Bastien

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