2022 | DOCUMENTARY | 78 minutes

The feature-length documentary Backlash: Misogyny in the Digital Age by Léa Clermont-Dion and Guylaine Maroist plunges us into the vortex of online misogyny and documents hatred towards women.

This bleak opus, reminiscent of a psychological thriller, follows four women across two continents: former President of the Italian parliament Laura Boldrini, former Democratic representative Kiah Morris, French actor and YouTuber Marion Séclin, and Donna Zuckerberg, a specialist in online violence against women and the sister of Facebook’s founder.

This tour de force reveals the devastating effects such unapologetic hatred has on victims, and brings to light the singular objective of cyber-misogyny: to silence women who shine. Some targets of cyber-violence will crumble under the crystallizing force of the click. Others, proud warriors, will stand tall and refuse to be silenced.

Official website of the film Backlashthefilm.com.

– National Post
"Real-life silencing horror stories"
– The Globe & Mail
"Fascinating and shocking"
– The Suburban
"A disturbing yet vitally important film"
– Toronto Sun
"A compelling way to tell the story of gender-based abuse"
– The Toronto Star



Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Director and scriptwriter
Léa Clermont-Dion
Guylaine Maroist

Jean-François Lord
Eric Ruel

Director of photography
Steeve Desrosiers
Jean-François Perreault
Louis-Vincent Blaquière
Fabien Côté
Richard Hamel

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